• Drums, Crate and Pallets Plastic crates and pallets

    The injection molding process is used to manufacture a wide range of industrial crates, pallets, pails, buckets, plastic plates, cups and utensils, tables and chairs, and the like.

    High-impact resin (such as HDPE or polypropylene) and high-pressure injection molding technology enable the manufacture of more sophisticated designs. Wall thickness (thinner) and rib structure (thicker) of optimized to produce a platform that is lighter, stronger, with superior durability compared to other molding methods and materials

    Plastic Drums:

    As in food and beverage bottles production, blow molding is used to manufacture water, chemical and oil drums, jerry cans and other large containers. HDPE is typically the polymer used for drums; but polypropylene and other polymers may also be used

    Large drums of up to 55 gallons are used for the food service, chemicals and oil products industries