Takween Group continuing emphasis on research and development is considered a cornerstone of all innovations which enhance its market leadership position and will allow the Company to develop new products in the future to maintain its leadership position and profitability. For that particular purpose, Takween group established a department for research and development for each subsidiary. It is one of the departments supporting production and operation supervised by subsidiaries’ technical managers and includes continuous research into the Polymers industry and nonwoven fabrics industry. This department receives continuous support from the Company’s management to enhance innovation and development.

    As part of the research and development process, Takween group communicates with Saudi and international research centers and SABIC in regard to Polymer research, since Polymer is used in a great number of products specifically including food packaging applications. Also, the group has benefited from SABIC’s efforts in research and development of Polymers including plastic materials which was a motivation for the Group to develop products resulting from advanced research and studies in Polymers’ science, engineering, and applications, and related sectors in the Kingdom. Moreover, establishing a generation of trained engineers with plastics industry skills considered as milestone for having research and development activities within the group by continuously training and encouraging research, whether in plastic products or environment-related projects studying the effect on the thermal properties of plastic, recycling of plastic materials and nonwoven fabric products, and related health and medical aspects.

    Finally, Takween group works through SAAF to produce nonwoven fabrics for use in health and medical sectors. Thus, more attention is being paid to operational phases which include the production of non-woven fabrics through chemical method, electrical and electronic methods, carding and drafting stages, and the final processing stage. In each stage, the production process requires using the latest techniques and research and a number of specialized engineers and technicians supervise these processes periodically. The Group has allocated an annual budget for research and the development of products which are needed by the market or the products that require changes to cope with the constant technological development in the plastics industry. This includes upgrading equipment and manufacturing models which control bottle forms, innovating new manufacturing molds and coping with developments in non-woven fabric industry and its end products.

Research and Development