• Vision

      Takween seeks to occupy a leading position in the transformational industries of wrapping polymers used in fast-circulated consumer goods and the manufacturing of consumer goods in the middle east and world markets. The Company also seeks to become a leading and distinguished company with regard to realizing profitable investments, developing and growing its activities, enhancing its relationships with its partners, customers and acquiring their satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Mission

      Takween specializes in owning, developing and employing the latest polymer technology for the production of high quality product packs, as well as non-woven textiles used for fast-circulated consumer goods and consumer goods in the middle east and the world. The Company’s main focus is becoming the partner of choice for major world advanced textile producers. In addition, the Company seeks to accomplish its mission through understanding the needs of its customers and motivating its staff to meet the needs of the market and the customers by using the latest technologies and equipment to develop production and quality methods. The Company focuses on long-term partnership with its customers in world and local markers and has a positive influence on its stakeholders through professional work by optimizing the use of its manufacturing facilities and constant supervision of its production lines in KSA and abroad.
    • Values

      The core values of the Company mainly depend on working to achieve leadership in transformational industries in KSA through the provision of various high quality products and contributing to the conservation of the environment. The strategy of the Company depends on a number of main elements through which it seeks to achieve its strategy:
    • Integrity and Respect

      The Company is keen on working with integrity and transparency and enhancing relationships based on mutual confidence and respect with customers and partners.
    • Quality and Excellence

      Upgrading the production efficiency of the Company according to the best quality standards to promote its financial results and revenues, provide best services to customers in KSA and abroad and enhance their satisfaction and loyalty to the Company.
    • Collaborative Team

      Attracting highly competent staff, securing a sound and collaborative work environment, ensuring staff welfare and training them to assume their job duties at optimal levels, developing our HR and focusing on staff training to achieve good management principles that combine Company growth with partner welfare.
    • Effectiveness and Efficiency

      To allocate resources though the most effective and efficient methods to avoid wasteand achieve best results.
    • Social Responsibility

      To comply with all laws and regulations according to CSR standards and support social activities.
    • Environmental Responsibility

      To comply with environmental standards in all our activities and operations.