Social Responsibility

    Takween is dedicated to its corporate, employee, and social responsibilities and considers itself inseparable from the community within which it conducts its businesses and activities. This is evident in Takween's interactions and contributions through various events. Lately, Takween has established its Social Responsibility Committee which is responsible for a number of yearly social events inside and outside the company, and aims to strengthen social bonds, support community causes and create positive social culture within Takween Group.

    As part of strengthening social bonds and supporting community causes, Takween is a regular participant in the yearly blood donation campaign and provides financial support for many activities and charity associations. Moreover, on the educational front, Takween is committed to supporting educational initiatives through collaboration with several activists and researchers in a number of colleges and universities. With a view to creating the right social culture among all employees, Takween organizes yearly sports events for employees, Ramadan Iftar, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha celebration.

    Amongst the company's priorities is environmental protection and sustainability. Takween implements recycling programs in all its factories and is pro-active in reducing wastes to a minimum through ideal use of energy and strict monitoring. Operations and activities are carried out in line with international standards and with utmost care and precision. Due to its constant adherence to environmental regulations, Takween was awarded a certificate by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment.