• Health and Safety

    As the operations of the Company have grown due to acquisition of Plastico, Al Sharq, New Marina and Al-Oyoun Factory, the Company has to develop plans to prevent accidents and injuries and to protect its employees, assets, and equipment. Therefore, the Company is committed to applying strict health and safety standards which should be complied with in all of the Group’s factories.

    The Company pays great attention to the occupational safety in order to ensure continuity of production, maintain skilled workforce, and ensure the equipment and production lines with the lowest possible disruption rates. Furthermore, the Company is keen on the health and safety of its employees and the Company’s management is committed to taking all precautions necessary to avoid accidents and work-related injuries and to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

    The operation supervisors at the factory are committed to ensuring that all employees have received training in safe working methods and systems in order to have the highest levels of production with no accidents or work-related injuries. It is important to ensure that that the employees follow the safe working practices, instructions, and safety guidelines for occupational health and safety, in addition to providing the employees with personal protective equipment.

    The Company is committed to ensuring that all employees follow the occupational health and safety standards while carrying out their duties and receive necessary training, including courses in Crisis and Emergency Management, fire prevention, the emergency reporting mechanism, evacuation methods on hearing the fire alarm and the first aid courses.New Marina obtained the OHSAS 180001:2007 certification in Health and Safety Management from URS Company. Ultrapak and Plastico obtained ISO 22000:2005 certification for applying Food Safety Management System of TUV NORD Company and PSI Company.

    Within the framework of the Company’s commitment to safety and fire protection procedures and to ensure compliance with the Civil Defense Department’s requirements, the Company carried out a number of projects at Al-Oyoun City factory, Al-Ahsa, which is expected to start operation during 2016G. These projects include installation of sophisticated fire alarm systems, providing water system for firefighting, and providing equipment to ensure the effectiveness of firefighting and alarm within the factory. Moreover, the Company equipped the factory with the fire suppression system FM200 FM for the electric control room and information technology system. This system was brought online on 01/06/1437H (corresponding to 10/03/2016G), in addition to installing firefighting network through fire sprinkler system which will be brought online on 23/06/1437H (corresponding to 01/04/2016G).

    The Group has developed a guide for health and safety standards which adopts the following standards and commitments:

    • It is necessary to use personal protective equipment at work.
    • It is necessary to provide first aid kit at work sites to deal with simple injuries quickly.
    • Keeping chemical materials and flammable materials away from workers’ gathering places as it is considered the source of real risk to the factories, enterprises and employees.
    • Providing firefighting equipment and putting it in strategic places in addition to giving special attention to its periodic inspection
    • Installing and maintaining fire sprinkler system.

    The current insurance coverage for the Company and its subsidiaries through the insurance policies obtained from the insurance companies is sufficient to cover risks related to property and the Company’s business from a business perspective according to the insurance standards in the Kingdom.